Tea Ritual: Qoya Dance Party!

Tea Ritual: Qoya Dance Party!

June 02, 2019

Sunday Tea Rituals

Move with us in June! We're celebrating the Summer Solstice, the full strawberry moon and the rising Yang energy of summer with intuitive, meditative and ecstatic movement all month. Join us and share your thoughts and experiences at #mytearitual.

Woman dancing on the beach at sunset 

"To Move is to Remember, and Qoya reminds us that being in our bodies is so so good." -Alison Love

Ritual Music: Simple by Clap! Clap!

Click here to play Simple by Clap! Clap! on our Sunday Tea Rituals Spotify playlist.

Movement: Shaking

Shaking is a key component of any Qoya class; it's the part of the journey that allows us to take back our power and let go of all that's ready to go and what is no longer ours.

Shaking is a way to release without going through a mental process. Allow yourself to go through each body part moving vigorously, followed by a whole body shake.

Start with standing in an open space.
Shake left leg
Shake right leg
Lift both heels like a football player; double time your steps
Lay on your back and shake both legs up in the aire
Shake your hips
Shake your belly
Shake each arm
Shake your head and hair out
Shake your whole body and the space around you

Shake and dance, dance and shake.

To learn more about Qoya, read our Qoya Q+A with Alison Love.

Three women Qoya dancing

Meditation: Relfect on Your Qoya Practice

How did your experience shaking with Qoya make you feel? Did you feel an emotional release? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Let us know by sharing with us using our hashtag #mytearitual.

Firepot Tea Recipe: Ceremonial Matcha Shot

Experience a vibrant, green shot of energy with our Ceremonial Matcha Shot!

Click the photo below to download the recipe card.

Ceremonial Matcha Shot

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