The Gift of Wellness

The Rituals Collection brings you strength of body, mind and spirit in 14 convenient plant-based organic tea sachets per box.

We combine potent plants and adaptogenic herbs into 6 delicious blends. Each box inspires a healthy lifestyle with a suggestion for rituals and wisdom for wellness, drawing from Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient traditions.

The Gift of Wellness ensures you receive a regular shipment of our Rituals Collection. You have two choices of delivery: 2 boxes a month for 3 months, or 2 boxes a month for 6 months. We will pick the best teas to go with the month and ship them to you. These are the pairings:

If you're giving this as a gift, please say so in the message box when checking out. And feel free to print out or email these certificates to share with the person you're gifting them to so they know what's coming!

3 Month Certificate

6 Month Certificate


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