Puerh Cacao Citrus

warming, fresh hay, milk chocolate

Puerh [Poo-err] is one of the 6 types of tea, made using a unique fermentation process that imparts earthy aromas, sweet, smooth flavors and robust health benefits into the leaf. Puerh tea is considered to be a living food with probiotic digestive benefits like sauerkraut and yogurt. For this reason and because of its complex taste, Puerh tea has developed a cult-like following in recent years.

Ours is made with a Shou, or “ripe” Puerh and blended with fragrant, sweet orange zest and freshly milled cacao nibs for a warming, earthy cup.

Xiao Yeh Shou Puerh, cacao nibs, orange zest

Steep 1.5 teaspoons (4g) of Puerh Cacao Citrus tea in 1 cup (8oz) of boiling water for 5 minutes and strain. Makes 2 infusions.

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