Ceremonial Matcha Tea

1 oz

From the ancient tea fields of Aichi Prefecture, Japan, our organic ceremonial matcha will bring you a smooth, rich cup of calm focus. Full of amino acids, chlorophyll, antioxidants and umami, it is the perfect tea for a gathering friends, a quiet moment alone or a shot of peaceful green energy.


Sift two bamboo scoops (1 teaspoon) of Firepot Ceremonial Matcha into a matcha bowl (chawan). For thick, ceremonial matcha (koicha) add 1/3 of a cup of 180 degree water and vigorously whisk with a matcha whisk (chasen) making a W shape to create a frothy layer on the top of the tea. For usucha (thin tea), add 6 ounces of 180 degree water after frothing the koicha.

Ingredients: Organic finely ground green tea leaves from Aichi, Japan

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