2017 Pre-Qingming Lotus Heart Dragonwell

1/2 oz
intoxicating, floral, fresh cut grass, chestnut

Longjing, or Dragonwell, is one of China’s great green teas. It’s short season, small annual yield, unique, sweet chestnut taste and full bodied, buttery mouthfeel make it one of the most rare, expensive, sought after and famous of China’s green teas.

Lotus Heart is the finest pluck--just the terminal bud of the plant where all of the flavor and nutrients are stored.

Pre Qingming festival teas are the year's first flush harvest and are the best, most sought-after teas of the year.

We were fortunate enough be in Hangzhou this spring, in the last week of March, for the first flush, pre-Qingming festival longing harvest and are thrilled to have secured just one pound of this year's Pre- Qingming Lotus Heart Dragonwell. Usually reserved for emperors and ministers, it is one of the world's most rare and expensive teas. We are selling it to you at cost so that you can experience the magic that is a cup of Lotus Heart Dragonwell.

To learn more, read our post on China's Green Gold here.


Steep 5g of tea in 8-10 oz of 130°F water for 2-3 minutes. Resteep by gradually increasing steeping time.

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