Mauna Kea Green Tea

2.0 oz

Grown and processed by a Japanese tea master on the stunning eastern coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, this is the cleanest, greenest, most vibrant tea we have ever encountered. It is made with an incredible amount of intention, care, skill and love that comes through in not only the taste of the cup but also in the way that the tea makes you feel.

The tea plants at Mauna Kea grow in volcanic soils in a lush and fertile valley in the shade of native Hawaiian trees, accumulating large amounts of amino acids, antioxidants and flavor. 

Steep 2 teaspoons (2.5-3 grams) in 5 ounces of 180-185 degree water for 3 minutes. Makes 3-5 potent infusions. This tea keeps giving in taste cup after cup.

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