Yi Xing Guywan Set (Beijing, China)

Yixing is a type of clay found near the city of Yixing in Eastern China. It is porous and known to enhance the taste of tea when used over time. Pieces of Yixing tea ware become prized family possessions and heirlooms for this reason.

The Guywan is a simple, ancient vessel used for drinking or serving tea.

When drinking tea “Guywan style”, you typically use a higher tea to water ratio, shorter steeping times and multiple infusions, compared to “Western style”. It is conducive to longer tea drinking sessions or ceremonies, rather than a cup with breakfast or a cup to go. 

This standard size (5 ounce) Guywan was found at a tea market in Beijing and comes with 6 one ounce tasting cups. An ideal set for serving tea to guests.

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