House of Peace

relaxing herbal blend
    Organic lemongrass, organic chamomile flowers, organic tulsi, organic ashwagandha root, organic rose petals

    Steep 1 tea sachet in 8 ounces of almost boiling water for 5 minutes. Add milk and honey to taste.

  • Lying on your back, take a gentle twist to each side with long, deep, cleansing exhales. Then place your hands on your heart, feeling the peaceful rhythm of your heartbeat.

    Take 5 minute mindfulness breaks throughout the day, focusing on breath and body.

    Get as much natural light as possible.

    Take one hour each day for exercise.

    Massage the base of your feet with therapeutic lavender and chamomile essential oils before bedtime.

    Affirmation: Every breath I take fills me with calm peace.

    Sip a cup of House of Peace after your evening bath.

Contains 14 sachets

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