About Us

Firepot Tea creates mindful tea
experiences through quality and
responsibly sourced teas and botanical
blends. We invite all who drink Firepot Tea
to connect to body, soul and earth.

Women's Education

Our partnership with Akilah Institute, a women’s university in Rwanda, provides education and opportunity for women leading a sustainable future. We donate 1% of sales to Akilah through One Percent for the Planet, an organization of businesses committed to environmental sustainability.


Since 2001, we have been traveling to the origins of tea to direct source high quality, organic and biodynamic teas and herbs from like minded producers.


We develop and sell products that improve your health-- body, mind and spirit. In sourcing products that we do not proceed, we support small women-owned businesses with shared values.

Business Practices

From choosing minimal and compostable packaging to developing partnerships with other value driven members of our supply chain and our membership with One Percent for the Planet, we incorporate social, environmental and financial sustainability in all that we do. We are continually working towards greater levels of sustainability.