Elemental Energy

yerba mate green tea blend
    Organic yerba mate, organic peppermint, organic sencha green tea, organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic goji berries

    Steep 1 tea sachet in 8 ounces of almost boiling water for 4 minutes. Serve hot or over ice.

  • Lie flat on the Earth, relaxing your entire body. What are 3 things you would like to release? What are 3 things that you would like to attract into your life?

    Laugh! It builds up resistance, creates space for good prana, and ancient shamans saw it as a path to enlightenment.

    Practice risk taking. Show vulnerability; rid yourself of negative relationships; practice a new language or instrument.

    Diffuse essential oils of sweet orange and ylang ylang in your home, car and work space.

    Affirmation: I am full of energy and overflowing with joy!

    Drink Elemental Energy along with locally grown, organic whole foods that have high vibrational energy.

Contains 14 sachets

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