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A New Look for Firepot Tea

A New Look for Firepot Tea

Since our founding, we have aspired to connect tea growers with tea lovers to improve the lives of both. This mission still guides us today, as we proudly present you with our new packaging and the renewed purpose of Firepot Tea.

The elephant remains the heart and soul of Firepot. It connects Rwanda and India — where elephants are both native —  with the black tea we purchase and the spices that inspired our authentic chai recipe.

Firepot Breakfast, Indian Rose Garden, Masala Chai Concentrate

Mindful Moments with Tea

With our rebrand came a chance to double down on our commitment to help you have mindful moments with tea. Both calming and energizing, this exceptional plant can make any moment better — but especially so when paired with mindfulness.

Each sip offers a moment and our new branding - classic, calming, future-oriented - helps you find it. We hope you love our new look as much as you love our tea.

person holding a mug. one sip at a time