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Loose Leaf Chai vs. Chai Concentrate

Loose Leaf Chai vs. Chai Concentrate

Originally, Firepot Chai was a loose leaf tea blend combining our freshly ground spice blend (“masala”) and black tea. Over time, I added a caffeine-free version replacing the black tea with rooibos, a Yerba Mate version, and one with cacao nibs. Eventually, as customers and cafes demanded a chai concentrate, I started brewing the masala and tea with vanilla and sugar so that it could be easily combined with milk and heated or iced before serving. So, today, at Firepot, we sell a line of the original loose leaf teas and also the bottled concentrate. See below for the benefits of each.

Firepot Loose Leaf Chai

rooibos chai tin used to make chai latte

Our original loose leaf chai blends are made by boiling the tea with water and milk and then adding sugar, any additional ingredients like vanilla, sea salt, or fresh ginger, stirring, and then straining. 

Benefits of Loose Leaf Chai:

Flexibility: You can add your sweetener of choice or create a sugar-free version. The concentrate is already brewed with raw, organic sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of sea salt.

Economical: Each tin of loose leaf chai makes over 20 cups of tea, a fantastic value! Concentrates make 6 12 ounce cups of chai each.

Storage: The loose-leaf blend maintains its freshness for up to a year. The concentrate must be consumed within a 6-month shelf life date.


Firepot Chai Concentrate

two masala chai concentrate bottles

Our slow steeped and micro-brewed chai concentrate is bottled ready to use with tea, spices, sugar, vanilla, and sea salt. Just add milk, then heat or add ice.

Benefits of Chai Concentrate:

Convenience: Simply combine with equal parts milk and heat or ice. It's simple and quick for an instant, delicious chai latte.

Creativity: Chai concentrate can be used as a mixer for cocktails, sauces and many other recipes, especially during fall and winter.


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