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Iron Hobnail Teacup

  • $ 20.00
  • $ 20.00

Traditional Japanese cast iron teacup with an enamel interior. An elegant and tactile vessel, these tea cups retain heat and enhance the flavors of each liquid that is poured into them.

Holds 4.5oz

Made in Japan.

After Use: - Allow cup to cool completely after each use before cleaning. Do no use soaps or detergents. Avoid contact with salt/oils. Do not leave water or tea in cup for extended period of time. Rinse and clean thoroughly with warm water only. Wipe the inside and outside dry with a clean cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The layer at the bottom of the glass bottle is the freshly milled organic spices we use to make our chai. The sediment adds to the texture and flavor of the chai. Simply shake the bottle for a few seconds each time before you use it to incorporate everything and you’ll be able to enjoy our perfectly balanced sweet and spicy chai to the very last drop.

We recommend open vessel steeping so that the tealeaves can fully unfurl in the steeping process. We also provide exact tea weight, steeping time and water temperature parameters for each tea.

You can also use any open vessel (a French press, a teapot without a strainer, a canning jar) to steep your leaves. It is useful to also have a thermometer, a teaspoon or a scale and a timer on hand when steeping tea.

For more in depth instructions you can reference the Firepot Steeping Guide, or the parameters listed with each individual tea description.

Water boils at 212° F, and cools by about 5° per minute when left uncovered. So if you want to reach a temperature of 180° let boiling water stand for about 6 minutes.

Additionally, at 1000 feet (305 meters) above sea level, the boiling point drops by 2°.

We recommend keeping your tea in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight and in the packaging it comes in or another re-sealable container. Exposure to oxygen, moisture, or extreme temperatures will affect and/or degrade the quality of the tea.

Our tea sachet bags are NeoSoilon®, a 100% PLA mesh filter made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane.  

PLA (polylactic acid) is a polymer resin made by the lactic fermentation of glucose which is derived from corn starch. Tea bags made with Soilon® are see-through and have good extractability. The tea bags are made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane. It is the best packing material for organic tea, allowing for completely certified organic tea products.