Puerh Tea

This tea is grown exclusively in and around the county of Pu-erh in Yunnan China. It starts as a green tea called “mao cha”. It is steamed, fermented and then aged anywhere between a few months to several decades, depending on the type of Pu-erh being made. Pu-erh tea is considered to be a living food with probiotics and digestive benefits like sauerkraut and yogurt. “Sheng” or “raw” Pu-erh is made using the traditional process: fermenting naturally over time. “Shou” or cooked Pu-erh is a modern way of processing Pu-erh more quickly by artificially fermenting the tea. Highly prized Pu-erhs have been aged for over 200 years! These teas are known for their earthy and woodsy aromas, robust smooth flavors and health benefits. They have developed a cult-like following in recent years.

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