Temple of the Sun

Assam black tea
    Fair trade and organic full-leaf black tea from Assam, India

    Steep 1 tea sachet in 8 ounces of boiling water for 4 minutes.

  • Rise at least 20 minutes before the sun.

    Come to a comfortable sitting position. Sit quietly, listening to your breath. Begin to visualize the day that's before you. Make a list of 3 intentions for today.

    Practice 3 sun salutations, outdoors if possible, facing east, the direction of the rising sun.

    Drink a warm glass of lemon water upon waking.

    Massage your ear lobes and third eye with essential oils of citrus (uplifting and inspiring), mint (cooling and refreshing) or spice (warming and motivating).

    Affirmation: I am full of gratitude and joy for this new day!

    Make a cup of Temple of the Sun part of a light, nourishing and seasonally inspired breakfast!

Contains 14 sachets

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