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Our Story


Remember the first time you ever had a really good cup of coffee? The first time you tasted artisan bread or a great bottle of estate grown wine? You instinctively knew that you were experiencing something more wholesome and real. 

This is the experience of Firepot Nomadic Teas. We offer teas so extraordinary that they change the way you think about tea! We delight in sharing the discovery of unforgettable teas with our customers, our tribe.


Whether bread, wine, coffee or tea, products that are made with love, skill, and time-honored technique taste the best and they make you feel great too. They offer not only amazing taste but also the rich stories of the people and places behind them.


In our case, these people are the bands of Sri Lankan women who perfectly pluck the leaf for our Firepot Breakfast tea, the agronomists in tea research stations from Jorhat, Assam to Kangaita, Kenya who develop our flavorful cultivars and the Japanese tea masters who have taught us their ways.



These places are the rich soils in the “flavor belt” of Nepal where our Himalayan Mountain Green tea is grown, the cool Pacific Northwest mint farms with the ideal climate for producing the soothing peppermint in Indian Rose Garden and the volcanic earth that makes the Sencha in our Japanese Peasant Tea so nutritious.


The Greater Good

Curated over years of adventure, each tea in our collection offers a healthy escape and an authentic taste from some of the world’s most inspiring cultures. We support organic and Fair Trade practices and donate one percent of all sales to the empowerment of women and preservation of wildlife in tea origins.