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Emerald Zen: Matcha Iced Tea Recipe

Emerald Zen: Matcha Iced Tea Recipe

Detox your mind with a refreshing lemon spritz made with Ceremonial Matcha and CBD oil!

Amplify your Zen mind with the addition of CBD oil to your matcha.

Matcha is known to be full of L Theanine, the amino acid that increases alpha waves to promote a relaxed state of calm focus. CBD (cannabidiol) oil, one of the compounds in the hemp plant, has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety. The combination of the two with freshly squeezed lemon and sparkling water make this a refreshing mental escape. Tune in or tune out... whichever way you look at it!


In a large glass or mason jar, start by combining ceremonial grade matcha powder, lemon juice and CBD oil drops. I add about 20mg of the Yuyo AM Formula, and about 1 ounce (or a splash) of purified still water. Stir to combine.

Girl drinking our Emerald Zen matcha iced tea

Next, add 8 ounces of cold sparkling water to the mixture. Then pour over ice or add ice to your mixing glass and enjoy this refreshing iced matcha drink.