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Loose Leaf Chai Recipe

Loose Leaf Chai Recipe

Nearly twenty years ago, we started blending and grinding our unique masala (spice blend) recipe into a sweet, potent and aromatic mixture that has fueled the growth of Firepot ever since! Many tea aficionados prefer the beauty and authenticity of steeping their tea from loose-leaf. There's something about pouring hot water over the aromatic blend of spices and leaves, and watching as they release their goodness into the water. It's a simple ritual that offers a few stolen moments of peace, especially in the midst of a busy schedule. If you've never steeped loose-leaf tea before, it's easy and rewarding to learn.

Our original product line was a series of three types of tea blended with this proprietary recipe: 

  1. Original Masala Chai:  Firepot Masala spices blended with black tea
  2. Rooibos Chai: Firepot Masala spices blended with rooibos, the caffeine-free evergreen shrub from South Africa that is said to “preserve the youth and gladden the heart!” 

    masala chai tin used to make chai latte


Whichever blend you choose, Masala or Rooibos, the recipe is the same:

  1. Boil the freshly ground spices and tea in water
  2. Add sugar, or not
  3. Add milk, or not
  4. Stir, strain, and enjoy!


This is also our most versatile and economical chai. A little goes a long way and you can choose any sweetener you like or leave it sugar-free. It is entirely up to you!